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Luke 17:26-37

In Our Days

These things we love:  leaves in color, the night sky, ideas that prove true.  Some days it is enough just to be here.  Roll down the hill one more time.  No one will know.  First take off your glasses.  Leaves stuck everywhere.  Cry out.  Even here we find God.  When being here is enough.  When we are not wrestling with death, not asking why, not needing more.  But more is holy too.

How does God speak in our days?  Days of hard work and troubled sleep.  Is it enough?  Will I make it?  Got to push harder.  Walk faster.  The aloneness takes over and others pass like shadows over the water.  A leaf blows to my lips and I spit it out.

Our cities.  Our science.  Our laws.  Everywhere we find the work of our hands. Our presence is exhausting.  It would be good just once to find someone else here.  To follow beauty to its source.  To recognize your goodness in the order of things.

You never quit trying.  Smug with success we run into some idea that turns our impudent order upside down.  A new understanding is born.  From our chastened hearts, we hear your laughter.

By Jeanne Schuler

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* Our Way of Life *


"Our diverse talents and abilities, our differences in culture, nationality and age are assets for the richness of the community. Although we may be engaged in a variety of ministries, we all share the common call to apostolic discipleship in a community of the Catholic Apostolate of St. Vincent Pallotti."(OWL, 91)



"Christ, the Apostle of the Eternal Father, and his mission are central to our personal and community life, giving meaning and direction to our thinking, our spirituality, our prayer, action and suffering." (OWL, 19)



"As a community of disciples we are gathered around Jesus, the Apostle of the Eternal Father. Like the first disciples, we want to be with Jesus, be sent out by him and return to him to evaluate our service in the light of his presence." (OWL, 88)



"As Pallottines, it is our special charism to foster growth in faith and love among the laity, to awaken them to awareness of their apostolic call, and to cooperate with them in furthering the apostolic mission." (OWL, 21)



"Our relationships with one another should be marked by a love that bears all, believes all and hopes for all, a love that is neither conceited nor jealous, which hurts no one, nor is embittered or resentful. It is never discouraged but remains patient and kind. It rejoices with others and shares their suffering. It is with this kind of love that we should help and support one another." (OWL, 90)