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▪ In Woronowo during the school year the Sisters conduct formation classes for children and youth in such apostolic groups as schola, altar boys, little and young apostles and cenacle communities. The crowning of the yearly formation was the Cenacle Retreat and Vacation with God. In July and August Srs. Olga, Magdalena and Snieżana organized vacation retreats for 200 children and 100 young boys and girls. Vacation with God had as its theme the life and work of Bl. John Paul II, a person who is very close to the White Russian young people. Through presentations, films and witnesses, the sisters tried to show the participants their way to sainthood. Cenacle Communities, depending on the level of formation, had their own retreat program.  It is very heartening that those young people who had participated in formation for many years, and who now study in higher schools or work, still look for a possibility to take part in retreat or at least in recollection days.

In Voroniv (Belarus), we try to do what the current situation allows. We conduct systematic catechesis, only in smaller groups. Therefore, there are more lessons. Religious education starts later than usual due to the extended breaks. In our situation - a community of two – we must pay special attention to maintaining community prayers. We are happy, however, that children have the opportunity to participate in religious education, because during the previous time of strict quarantine many left the presence of God and the Church.

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