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July/August 2015


▪ An outstanding event for the Pallottine Family was the III. General Congress of the UAC  in Brazil, São Paulo, in the Center Mariapolis Ginetta, from July 14 to 19. Its theme was: Jesus, a joy ever new, to be shared. On behalf of the General Administration: Superior General, Sr. Izabela Świerad, Vicar General, Sr. Maria Landsberger and Councilor, Sr. Bożena Olszewska participated in it, together with Sr. Jolanta Krasińska from Rome/Moncenisio. There were also Sr. Anna Ozon, president of the Polish NCC some of our sisters from Brazil. It was a refreshing and challenging event for the 153 participants from 18 countries. The joy to experience our international  spiritual family was united with the  call to set out, for mission towards youth, the family, migrants, each one being “a little piece of Pallotti” in the world today (Donatella Acerbi).  After the Congress, our Sisters were warmly welcomed for few days in the Provincial House of the Pallottine Sisters in São Paulo where they were privileged to share in the celebration of the golden jubilee of profession of superior general Sr. Ivete Garlet CSAC and some other Roman Sisters. They also spend there two days with our Sisters from Maranhão: Sr. Maria Avani and Sr. Iêda Siqueira.

▪ In August Sr. Izabela Świerad with Sr Josephina D´Sousa travelled to Cameroon for the Canonical Visitation. There, Sr. Izabela received the first vows of our first two Cameroonian Sisters: Sr Ghislaine Koagne Ndeyo Makui and Stéphanie Boueda Lonfo, on the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Sr. Mirosława Włodarczyk, Provincial Superior from Poland, also participated in this historical event of our whole Congregation!

▪ With immence joy, the Sisters of Generalate and Procura community celebrated the Silver Jubilee of Sr. Josephina D’Souza and Sr. Urszula Kukuć. Many priest, nuns and well wishers participated in the thanksgiving Eucharist followed by dinner at the Procura. Sr. Izabela thank the sisters for their  twenty-five years of faithful service to Our Lord and the Congregation.

Brazil ▪ In July, the great Week of  “Holy Popular Missions” took place in the parish of São Raimundo  and two other parishes in Codó. This outstanding event was prepared during one year, and required full engagement, also from our three Sisters: Silvia de Almeida, Raimunda Maria Pereira and Rosângela Sousa. ▪ A group of 11 members of the Union, including Srs. Avani Sousa da Silva, Ieda-Maria Siqueira da Silva and Maria Landsberger with postulant Samara Lima and candidate Josinalda Oliveira were priviledged to participate in the III. General Congress of the UAC in São Paulo. The long journey by plane and participation for so many was possible by generous donations. For the Opening Mass, presided by Cardinal Odilo Scherer, Archbishop of São Paulo, the group from Codó had prepared the offertory procession with characteristic symbols of Maranhão. Three of them gave a witness on the mission as a lay, consecrated and ordained members of the Union. ▪ After the Congress general secretary of the UAC, Fr. Rory Hanly SAC visited Maranhão, learned about the local mission and celebrated several Holy Masses with inspiring homilies.


▪ With great rejoicing  new Bishop, Rt. Reverend Edward Mapunda was installed in the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in Singida on July 5th. ▪  On July 18th Siuyu parish was blessed to have the ordination to the priesthood of Patrick Myuku.  Sisters were involved with the decorations, providing food and entertainment, also for his Thanksgiving Mass in his home village. As his father died many years ago the Sisters supported Fr. Patrick for his secondary education.

▪ During Evening Prayer on the 27th, Provincial Superior Sr. Mary Mc Nulty missioned Sr. Adolphina Henrico Sang’wa to South African Province. The community said farewell to her and to Sr. Teresia Gurti.

▪ Sisters from Poli Singisi community have established a separate community at the Holy Ghost Fathers’ Health Centre in Usa River, where they have been working since 2007.

▪ August 4th, Sr. Jeskalina and Novice Ednesta Charles accompanied the youth of Poli Singisi to a seminar for the Catholic youth of the Archdiocese of Arusha in Usa River.

▪ Three of our Sisters, on August 8th, joined in the celebration of the Bicentennial of the Foundation of the Precious Blood Fathers and the Erection of the Province of Tanzania in Dodoma. Sr. Ernestina Lasway spoke on Radio Maria on St. Gaspar del Bufalo, their founder.

▪ With thanksgiving three Sisters of the Province England/Tanzania celebrated their Diamond Jubilee of profession – Sr. Jucunda Kutsch in Poli Singisi, on August 15, and Srs. Lidwina Dietz and Stella Barelli in Park Mount in Macclesfield on the 18th. We thank God for the faithful service of our Sisters.

▪ On the feast of the Assumption, 26 students from Pallotti Secondary School participated in the annual pilgrimage of the Legion of Mary.   ▪ On the 26th Sisters welcomed two new MAZ Volunteers, Debora Jutz and Franziska Dorfel from Germany. They will help in the Centre for Handicapped Children and at the Library in Pallotti Secondary School.  ▪ We congratulate Sr. Philipina Awe who graduated with a Degree in Education from St. Augustine’s University in Mwanza and Sr. Emmanuela Julius who graduated with a Diploma in Education at Mount Meru University in Arusha.

▪ From the 19th to the 27th Sr. Mary Mc Nulty, accompanied by Sr. Gernoveva Salanga, visited the Pallottine Fathers at their mission in Lusaka, Zambia.

▪ The Sisters in the London community were happy to have Sr. Perpetue Nyiramahoro from Rwanda who came to study English at a Language School.

▪  Sisters from England and Tanzania send their love and good wishes to all, especially to the first two Pallottine Sisters in the Cameroons!


▪ In Huntington, the Jubilarians Sr. Annette Crnkovich/70, Srs. Antonio Reneau and Sylvia Rose Rolland/65, Sr. Karen Lester/60 and Sr. Susanne Keszler/50  with the community celebrated their   faithful service as vowed Religious. May God reward them with His infinite love!  Srs. Francesca Lowis and Phyllis Carpenter  made the long trip to join the Sisters. The Eucharistic Celebration was solemn with the contribution of the Choir of St. Stephen’s Parish. Some of the Jubilareans had family members join in the Eucharist and the Dinner.

▪ St. Mary’s Medical Center Summer Clinical Pastoral Education program graduated it´s first class under the leadership of the new Supervisor, Rev. Vivian Smith-Fountain.  ▪  Fr. Gideon Olugbami, the brother of the Hospital and Sisters´chaplain, has arrived from Nigeria to begin the year-long residency program, and Sisters were delighted to see him again. ▪ St. Mary's School of Nursing celebrated its 89th  Homecoming, on the 14-15th of August, with about 100 attending.

▪ In Buckhannon, the CEO of St. Joseph's Hospital, Sue Johnson-Phillippe, announced her retirement. She will be sorely missed. ▪ This year's Golf Tournament, hosted by St. Joseph’s Hospital was a great success, benefitting the Infant Protection System. ▪ St. Joseph's Hospital received a three year accreditation from Joint Commission. They passed the two day survey with flying colors!

▪  In Laurel, Maryland, Sr. Mary of the Mills Parish is completing a beautiful parish center, which now houses the Day Care Center which formerly belonged to the American Province.  The St. Vincent Pallotti High School is now completing work on transforming Sisters´ former convent and day care center into an Arts Academy for the high school.


▪ In the midst of families, friends and well wishers Sr. Josefina Alamilla,  Sr. Gabrielle Johnson and Sr. Catarina Tush  renewed the dedication  of their lives to the service of the People of God, on August 15,  at St. Joseph Church in Belize City. Sr. Josefina Alamilla celebrated 50 years of  service, for  9 years also as Provincial; actually she continues her mission  in the Toledo District. Sr. Gabrielle Johnson celebrated her 25th jubilee of religious vows.  Sr Catarina Tush pronounced her Final Vows. In a beautiful celebration of the Eucharist presided by Bishop Glancy and six priests representing many districts, a moment of heaven was experienced. Congratulations  to our Sisters for the past and hopeful living for the future!

▪ The Sisters experienced a beautiful retreat, directed  by a Paulist Priest. His theme revolved around Pope Francis’ ideas of the joy of Consecrated people who must go out and set a new fire of evangelization in the world.  It was surely a very good preparation for renewal of vows.


▪ In Bernhardzell, on July 23, Sr. Bernhilde Roos could celebrate her crownjuwel jubilee of profession - 75 years of vows - surrounded by her fellow Sisters and friends. On this special occasion, parish priest Fr. Boppart celebrated the Eucarist in the convent chapel and all were invited for dinner with the serene and joyful Jubilee Sister. It is a special practise of one hundred and two year old Sister to return the blessings received to the well wisher. With Sr. Bernhilde we thank God for her life and fruitful apostolate. ▪ Srs from Bernhardzell: Daniela Schumacher, Adelhilde Rumpf and Bernhilde Roos soon participated in another important event.  In their presence, on August 18, a small, recently restaured bell was blessed. It belongs to the next door Senior Citizen Care Center St. Wiborada which had been directed by our Sisters until the early 90´s.  Sr. Daniela spoke about the history of that bell which had accompanied the Sisters since their missioning from Niederuzwil to Bernhardzell in 1945! Residents and inhabitants of Bernhardzell wished that this bell will be rung again, especially for the celebration of the Eucharist. The Sisters are very happy, that what has been so important for the community is being valued still today.

South Africa

▪ Provincial superior Sr. Annemarie Niehsen and Sr. Theresia G. Gurti went to Tanzania on 22nd of June to take part in the Silver jubilee celebration of England/Tanzania/Province.-

▪ On 27th of June Sr. Prabha Varghese from India joined Sisters` community in South Africa. The sisters are very grateful to Mother of Divine Love Province, India, for their generous contribution.

▪ The newly renovated two wards at St. Joseph’s Home were blessed on 29th of July by Archbishop of Capetown, Stephen Brislin and inaugurated by the Health Minister. There were many distinguished guests from health sectors and donors. All of the Sisters were part of this big event, one of the greatest of St. Joseph´s that caught the attention of the media and  international donors. (For more information kindly  go to the website

▪ A few persons who as children grew up at the Pallottine Sisters´ home at George during the time of Sr. Boscona there, surprised Sister by giving her a small party at the Convent.

▪ Sr. Theresia came back from Tanzania on 3rd of August and brought with her Sr. Adolphina Mwinga Kilu from Tanzania. Sisters are grateful also to England/Tanzania Province for this generous contribution sending one more Sister.

▪ On 15th of August the community celebrated the 60th Jubilee of Religious profession of Sr. Boscona Schämann, former superior provincial and the 75th Jubilee of Sr. Othmara Metzger. Archbishop Stephen Brislin was the main celebrant with  9 other priests concelebrating. Many guests took part in this joyful event.

Rwanda/Dr Congo

▪ Honoring the year of consecrated life, the Sisters´ community of Masaka transformed the Hall of the Health Center to a chapel, so that old and disabled people have the opportunity to attend Holy Mass regulary. The new chapel was blessed on Saturday, 4th of July  by the parish priest who promised to celebrate Mass every day in the evening.

▪ Mid July, Sr. Adeline Dusabe presented successfully her memoire of the end of her studies in Medical Technics at the University of ISTM/ Goma. Congratulations!

▪ Srs. Liberata Niyongira, Regional Superior, Marie Consolée Mukayirabuka, Marie Cécile Bimenyimana and Marie Christine Nyirahabimana visited Uganda, the neigbouring country of Rwanda, from 20th to 26th of July, in perspective of opening a new mission there. They visited 13 parishes of the Diocese of Masaka, convents of sisters, schools and some families to make contact with the reality. They were amazed to find that the UAC is already implemented  even when there still are no Pallottine Fathers and Sisters.

▪ 16 of our Sisters gathered in Kibeho, from 28th to 30th of July, for a seminar on  The charismatic identity, by Fr. Georges Kozuch, SAC.  ▪ From 22th to 24th of July, Sr. Odetta Musabyimana and Sr. Angeline Kambugu attended a seminar on Affective maturity by Fr. Hans Zollner from the Salesianum University of  Rome. It took place at Saint Vincent Pallotti Center in Gikondo.

▪ Srs. Marie Claire Mukeshimana and Angeline Kambugu together with formators from other Congregations of Rwanda and Burundi attended a seminar, by the Association of Major Superiors, from 2 to 30 August. Among the themes were: Fundamental characteristics of consecrated life, dynamics of community life, accompaniment and inculturation of the vows.


▪ From July 18-19,  the Superiors of our Indian Province met at Vincent Krupa Convent, Bangalore. Sr. Chris, CSST, Superior General, was the resource person for the first day, encouraging the Sisters to live consecrated life joyfully, understanding authority as service and call for witnessing. Sr. Speciosa, a Bethany Sister, conducted an Inner Healing celebration in the evening. The next day was spent with discussing. The superiors took the decision to make an Action Plan for each community, based on the insights received from the input by Sr. Chris.

▪ On the feast of Assumption, the Mother of Divine Love Province had the joy of celebrating the Silver Jubilee of Sr. Angela Swamy, SAC at St. Vincent Krupa Convent.  Fr. Camilo Simoes, SAC, the Provincial of Assumption Province, Bangalore, was the main celebrant; Fr. Britto, SAC preached an inspiring homily. Provincial superior Sr. Inacinha Fernandes appreciated and thanked Sr. Angela for her dedicated service to the Province. The presence of the Pallottine family in Bangalore, of our sisters from different communities and family members of Sr. Angela added much joy to the celebration, as well as the presence of the hostellers of Pallotti Study House who joined the choir for the Eucharistic Celebration.

▪ Srs. Angela Swamy and Rashmi Augustine participated in the Vocation Promoters’ Meeting of Karnata Region, Bangalore on August 29. ▪ Srs. Helen Lourdusamy, Angela Swamy, Amitham Josephine, Japamala Francis and Alda Paes participated in the seminar on Pallotti and Vatican II at Prabodhana, Mysore from August 24 - 26.

We remember our deceased Sisters

Sr. M. Hilda Schindel    *18.08.1930  †  02.08.2015  Germany

Sr. M. Lydia Vasquez   *16.12.1923  †   22.08.2015  Belize

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"Our diverse talents and abilities, our differences in culture, nationality and age are assets for the richness of the community. Although we may be engaged in a variety of ministries, we all share the common call to apostolic discipleship in a community of the Catholic Apostolate of St. Vincent Pallotti."(OWL, 91)



"Christ, the Apostle of the Eternal Father, and his mission are central to our personal and community life, giving meaning and direction to our thinking, our spirituality, our prayer, action and suffering." (OWL, 19)



"As a community of disciples we are gathered around Jesus, the Apostle of the Eternal Father. Like the first disciples, we want to be with Jesus, be sent out by him and return to him to evaluate our service in the light of his presence." (OWL, 88)



"As Pallottines, it is our special charism to foster growth in faith and love among the laity, to awaken them to awareness of their apostolic call, and to cooperate with them in furthering the apostolic mission." (OWL, 21)



"Our relationships with one another should be marked by a love that bears all, believes all and hopes for all, a love that is neither conceited nor jealous, which hurts no one, nor is embittered or resentful. It is never discouraged but remains patient and kind. It rejoices with others and shares their suffering. It is with this kind of love that we should help and support one another." (OWL, 90)