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Events in Rome will focus on the spiritual and apostolic renewal of the Union and the enhancement of SS. Salvatore in Onda, the Spiritual Centre of the Union, as a place of prayer and welcome for all who wish to share in this ‘tempo forte’ of spiritual renewal, of thanksgiving for the gifts received and of praise for the canonisation of Vincent Pallotti.

Below are illustrated briefly the events planned:

1. The Opening of the Celebrations for the 50th Anniversary

The celebrations for the opening of the 50th anniversary will take place during the Triduum of preparation for the feast of St. Vincent Pallotti.

The Eucharistic celebrations will take place, according to the following calendar, in different churches which are significant to the history and identity of the Union of Catholic Apostolate, in order to bring Saint Vincent back into the heart of the Roman Church:

-     January 19 in S. Carlo ai Catinari.

-     January 20 in S. Lorenzo in Damaso.

-     January 21 in S. Maria in Vallicella (Chiesa Nuova).

-     January 22 in SS. Salvatore in Onda.

Testimonies from the different components of the Union will be integrated into the celebrations of the Triduum: a sister, a priest or brother, a lay person. The celebration of January 20 will be led by Mons. Julio Akamine, a newly-ordained Pallottine Bishop. The celebration of January 22, led by the Rector General, Fr. Jacob Nampudakam, will be preceded by the Rosary which will be broadcast live on Radio Maria.

A request has been made to Pope Benedict XVI for a message to support, encourage and confirm the Pallottine family in its path of spiritual and apostolic renewal.

2. Study Conference

A Study Conference on the theme of holiness organised by the Pallotti Institute is planned for May 15 to 19, 2012.

3. Biography of Saint Vincent Pallotti

The publication and diffusion throughout the world of an updated short biography[1] of St. Vincent Pallotti as an instrument of formation for a greater knowledge of the Founder. Some events will be organised to mark its publication and present it publicly in several institutions with which Saint Vincent was associated, such as the Urban College, the Roman Seminary, the Irish College.

4. Retreat of the Union of Catholic Apostolate

A common spiritual retreat of the different components of the Union will be organised in order to pray together and deepen the relationship of communion.

5. Missions in the Parishes of Rome

A Popular Mission will be organised during the year in various parishes of Rome, where there are parish priests willing to accept our proposal to make Saint Vincent Pallotti and the Union known. The missions will begin in Pallottine parishes in the area and teams will be formed made up of priests and/or brothers, sisters and lay people who, after suitable training and organisation, will be ready to bear witness together to the reality and meaning of the Union.

6. Animation of Activities at SS. Salvatore in Onda

For the animation of activities at the spiritual Centre of the Union, the following initiatives are planned in order to welcome all who will come to Rome. In particular:

-     re-enliven  the weekly Mass of the Union

-     publicise more widely and so broaden participation in the meetings organised by the Pallotti Institute every two months

-     organise a prayer meeting on the 22nd of every month (12 per year), structured as follows: begin with Mass, followed by Eucharistic adoration. The meeting will be entrusted to a group of the Union each month in order to make it an expression of unity.

-     welcoming of pilgrims: a schedule of visits to the rooms and museum and of Masses to be celebrated at the altar of St. Vincent; the printing and making available of information leaflets on St. Vincent Pallotti and on the Union and of itineraries in Rome in “The Footsteps of St. Vincent Pallotti”.

7. Closing of the Celebrations of the 50th Anniversary

The official closing celebrations of the 50th anniversary will take place during the Triduum of preparation for the feast of Saint Vincent Pallotti, reaching their climax with the celebration of the actual anniversary of the canonisation on January 20, 2013.

For this occasion which is so special, remembering what already took place with Pope John XXIII at the time of the canonisation itself, Pope Benedict XVI has been invited to lead a solemn Eucharistic concelebration of thanksgiving for the gifts received through the canonisation of St. Vincent.

The Eucharistic concelebrations of the Triduum will take place in 4 different churches according to the following calendar:

-     January 19: S. Lorenzo in Damaso

-     January 20: San Pietro

-     January 21: Spirito Santo dei Napoletani

-     January 22: Sant’Andrea della Valle

During the celebrations of the Triduum and feast itself of St. Vincent, the remembrance of deceases Pallottines and the testimonies of those who were at St. Peter’s for the canonisation on January 20, 1963 will be included.


[1] To be published by the Pallotti Institute.

Collage by Sr. Miriam Studzińska SAC

19th January 2013

Holy Eucharist was celebrated at 5.00 p.m. at Santo Spirito dei Napoletani, Rome. The Holy eucharist was presided over by Fr. Francesco Bartoloni, Moderator General of the Missionaries of Precious Blood Congregation

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January 22, 2012 - in SS. Salvatore in Onda

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3. Third Day - January 21, 2012 - Church of Santa Maria in Valicella (Chiesa Nuova - where St. Vincent was an altar boy and where he often prayed at the tomb of St. Philip Neri)

2. Second Day - January 20, 2012 - Church of San Lorenzo in Damaso (Church in which St. Vincent was baptised)

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