Dear Sisters,

When the Church, with its greatest desire reminds us anew of the Mystery of the Revelation of God the Son, when our Lord Jesus Christ should be known, loved and adored by the whole world, the Society (Congregazione) and the Union of the Catholic Apostolate invite all to contemplate and adore Him in this solemn Octave of Epiphany, during which the tradition and ritual prepared for these days will be embraced. (OOCC VI 170-173).

When Saint Vincent Pallotti first organized the celebration of the Octave of Epiphany in January 1836, it was in a very solemn way celebrated as the a feast of unity of people and all nations. The Founder encouraged that this solemnity would be celebrated in every place and in every environment in every way that would rekindle faith and zeal of Christians, for the greater glory of God and the salvation of souls. Through the Eucharistic celebrations, reflections on the Mystery of the Revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the prayer before the Blessed Sacrament, he desired to reawaken faith and love for the Savior in the hearts of all. He encouraged everyone to adore the Infant Jesus as the Magi had done. By following the star they thus came to Bethlehem and gave homage and offerings to the Newborn King.

To celebrate these unique days, St. Vincent would like to see His sons and daughters gathered together at the Crib of Jesus. Let us go then together from every nation, country and community to the Manger of Jesus.  Followed by the the example of the Magi, who humbly bowed to the King of Kings, let us give our praise and thanksgiving to the Divine Redeemer and ask Him for the gift of unity, peace and justice in our homes and the world.

May this Epiphany invite, awaken and reawaken us to stir a desire to serve the Lord with more love and dedication. May we be united in this international heritage from  St. V. Pallotti and let us revive sleeping and lost hearts. May the love of Christ urge us to take part in the new evangelization of the Church in union with the Holy Father as our Founder always did.   

"I keep you all in God, I am with you in God, I embrace you and greet you in God, I love you in God and in God I find myself always united in all your works: I wish that we will be united in the Heavenly Kingdom to sing the praise of the Lord for ever".
From the letter of Pallotti - 6 August 1840 (nr 694)

Sr. Izabela Świerad SAC  

Superior General 

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