With God I can do Everything St. V. Pallotti


Rome, 22 January 2015

Dear Sisters,

The 22 of January, the Feast of St. Vincent Pallotti, our beloved Founder, will again gather many members of the Union of the Catholic Apostolate and friends of the Pallottine Family from Rome and all over the world in the Church of San Salvatore in Onda.  On this occasion we thank the Lord for this great Saint, and we especially wish all his spiritual daughters a beautiful day of festivity and refreshed spiritual strength. We Pallottine Missionaries living in the Eternal City are honored that we can represent our Congregation at this celebration, and be joined in prayer at the tomb of the St. Vincent Pallotti calling together with him for God’s blessing for the Church and world.

With prayers of gratitude we embrace every community in our Provinces, Region and Delegatures, asking along with Pallotti for God’s Blessing of love, wisdom and strength. We also desire to entrust to the Lord difficult matters of the Congregation, and we wish to remember especially our ill and suffering Sisters. We too thank the Lord for the gift of each one of us.

St. Vincent Pallotti, when he was dying, assured his disciples that God will bless this Congregation.  Despite the small group around him, he counted on "his people". Today he also counts on us, his spiritual daughters, who continue his work of spreading the faith and rekindling the love of Christ in the whole world.  Let us then immerse ourselves anew into the source of his charism, that with new energy we may discover the sense, the need, and the joy of our vocation.  Let us desire an exemplary life and a heroic life following the model of Jesus and Mary.

Sisters, remember that God has chosen Pallotti to be his untired Apostle of Rome,  an evangelizer of the Church and proclaimer of the Gospel. We Pallottines are also obliged to walk in the footsteps of our Founder and to give witness of God's love towards everyone: at home, at work and on the streets.

In union of our heart and our charism,


Sr. Izabela Świerad, SAC

Superior General and the Councilors

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