Enjoy beauty of Switzerland:

▪ During this autumn the Sisters of both communities received various visitors: a special one was the brother of Sr. Edelgard Plangger. He is 85 years old and a member of the Swiss Missionary Society of Bethlehem. For several decades he has been living and working as a priest in Zimbabwe. Thanks be to God that he is enjoying good health and has now returned to his ministry in Zimbabwe.

▪ Sr. Daniela Schumacher was invited by a group of women to speak about “The healing power of color and light”. Indeed, when we see a rainbow are we not reminded of the encouraging words of the Bible, and when looking at a green meadow are we not refreshed?

▪ With a specially prepared liturgy and much time spent together, the Sisters in Switzerland celebrated the feast day of Sr. Raphaela. It was a special joy that Sr. Hermenegild, who after an accident had needed pain management, was now up and running and could prepare a special feast day dinner for the Sisters.

▪ the Sisters in Niederuzwil had the pleasure of receiving a group of Girl Scouts for some days. The young people brought life into the house and impressed the sisters with their openness, joyfulness, gratitude and their ravenous appetite. The scent of wet sleeping bags, mats, and clothes lingered for a long after their departure, but happily the laughter also seemed to stay in the room where normally retreats and other sombre meetings are held.

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