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▪ Sr. Anna Maria Langpohl’s celebrated 105th birthday in Park Mount on the 25th. It was a joy to have her relatives from Germany with her – Ulrich and Mechtilde, who stayed for two days. She received many cards and flowers and even a cake and champagne brought by Agatha from St. James’ Parish, in Spanish Place, London where she worked for almost 30 years. For several weeks she has not been feeling well, but she is a little stronger these days.

▪ Led by the parish Prayer Group and Sr. Mary McNulty an Ecumenical Prayer Meeting was held in Park Mount Residential Home for the Elderly. All enjoyed the singing and praying together.

▪ On the Presentation Feast Archbishop Vincent Nichols of Westminster had invited the Religious of the Diocese for a special Mass followed by a hot lunch. This is an “official token of gratitude from the Diocesan Authorities for the consistently generous contribution that the members of religious communities make to the spiritual, human, pastoral and academic life of the Diocese of Westminster.” The Jubilarians were seated at the front of the Cathedral. In the Dining Hall they had their photo taken and Sr. Christine, being the only one who was 70 years professed, had a separate one taken. Sr. Petrone, who is 75 years professed, was not well enough to attend.

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▪ During the Vespers of St. Vincent Pallotti six Postulants were received into the Novitiate. At the invitation from Union members from Mwisi, an outstation of Makiungu parish, Sr. Basilisa, accompanied by Srs. Florida and Philipina spent a whole day with a group of about fifty. They gave teachings on the life and charism of St Vincent Pallotti, history of the Pallottines, the Union and what is involved in being a member. The group was very pleased and invited the Sisters to come again.

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