It is not easy to be a Pole and a Catholic at the same time in Belarus. Each sister who worked there has her own experience in that matter. Long lasting persecution of the Catholic Church had an effect not only on its material state (ruined buildings, some changed into granaries, magazines, stores, shops, cinemas, cultural centers, etc.), but on people's mentality as well. The present openness of the authorities to freedom of beliefs (mainly directed to the Orthodox Church as an official state's religion), gradually changes the attitude of ordinary people to catholics too. The Catholic Church has been on the safe side: according to the Gospel, first of all serves the poor whatever the religion or denomination. This has been our, Pallottines, new/old apostolic field. New - because until collapse of the communism, there was no option of any apostolic work in Belarus. Old - because before the II WW the borders of Poland ran further to the East, and Rajca, the place of our Pallottine origins, belonged to Poland at that time, and after the war become a belarusian possesion.

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