Rome, during the years between 1795–1850,  provides the frame for the life of St. Vincent Pallotti, our Founder. Today, about such a person, one would say: the man the institution, the unique individuality, the leader. Pallotti, the tireless apostle of Rome, as he was called, the apostle of the streets and salons, is getting to the most needy and outcast: the sick, the orphans, those marginalized by society, prisoners, and the poor.

Pallotti, was sought after as confessor of popes, cardinals, the elite of the Church, seminarians and many nuns. Above all, the most frequent penitents in the long queues to his confessional were the Jacks-of-all-trades, because Pallotti as a folk retreat-master attracted crowds of Romans. The ordinary individual person’s salvation was the passion that consumed him. Through service in the confessional he not only brought people closer to God, but also made them aware of their personal responsibility for the salvation of others. On the other hand, he thought of himself as of the most unworthy creature of God, the least of the least. The only way he could serve in his own nothingness was to worship God, the Infinite Love, in response to the Lord’s own infinite affection.

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